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Rooted Freedom 

Spiritual Director, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader

Meet Chelsea

Hi Friend, 

I hope this site and these pondering are a place that creates pause and space in your life. I am a lover of still and quiet, of soul care and yoga, adventure, and matcha and coffee all turned mom - I still love those things but now I am also a lover of crazy laughter and cuddles and cute little smiles. 

I've always loved spending time in my own life and in the lives of others finding what Jesus is doing and how He is uniquely loving me and you right where we are, and as I turned mom this seemed harder to come by, yet more beautiful in the moments where He revealed it to me. 

So I write to help us find Jesus right in the middle of screaming kids and meal prep and trying to figure out how to clean and when to sleep. I would love to journey with you as a friend, Spiritual director, retreat leader, whatever your heart needs. Because no matter what He is here with us and He is always inviting us to find Him in the  here and now. 

Remember no matter what YOU are loved! 



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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual directions are a spacious hour of being in God's presence together. Its a slow, quiet conversation about what God is up to in your life. We will sometimes use prayer practices or spiritual disciplines to begin our time together. Our goal is to connect with what is happening in your heart and life to what the Lord is about. Our prayer is for eyes to hear and eyes to see what He is doing and to live more fully in the reality of His love.

Please email me if you feel a tug on your heart :)

Grace to you,


Spiritual Direction/ Soul Care Session

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